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The "Check Engine Light" in My Car keeps coming on – What does the light mean?

June 8, 2010

Reader Question: My check engine light came on another day, what should I do? It will hurt my car if I do go on?
Thanks James

Dear James,

I heard that line at least once a week. The dashboard on most cars is absolutely cluttered with warning lights and buzzer. These lights are different colors so that different colors indicate the severity of the potential problem of coordination. As you start the car, they would all come light on, and when theComputer controls each component works properly, the light is off. You should only lights that long to be affected for several minutes after the machine has booted. Check engine or engines when the light is difficult to repair, so a little help from you could really save the mechanic time of diagnosis and save!

Treat check engine light service engine soon lights, and all dash lights like traffic signals. A red lightis an immediate danger. You pass by, turn off the machine immediately and assess the problem. Cause symptoms, usually red warning lights are over heating the engine oil pressure, transmission overheating, low battery voltage and brake failure.

Red lights can also specify the security question, so proceed with caution as a maneuver the vehicle to stop. Unfortunately, when the red light illuminates the problem in his opinion. May be a matter of seconds before permanentengine failure occurs.

Some general things to look for when a red light, glance off:

* Low antifreeze, engine oil and transmission oil levels

* Low brake fluid

* Lack Straps

* Faulty alternator not charging the battery or a defective battery

To decode check engine lights, you really need a repair manual quality as those provided at ALLDATA. Including procedures for troubleshooting, download information and technical service bulletins. Click hereGet your guide today and discover what it means to really check engine light.

A yellow light (service engine soon light usually) indicates "proceed with caution." The onboard computer system has indicated a potential problem and alert the driver. This system is restored and re-tests all sensors and indicators each time the machine is started. The computer system is able to correct minor deviations, but if the light continuesCome and start the car more, it is likely that some would diagnose mechanical sensing, a visit is in order.

Some general things that a yellow light (engine service will soon bring to light to come), but will probably need a technician to diagnose are:

* Anti-lock braking systems

* Restraint systems such as airbags

* Emissions Components

* Issues information, such as faulty sensors

If you are the driving forceThe car and a yellow light goes on, yourself these questions:

Before you notice problems when you start the vehicle? (Slower than normal start etc. ..)

Do you have a second drop of fuel recently?

What is the third over all operating conditions of the car? If the engine stuttering or on stage as normal? There are rumors of new under the hood? Turn on the radio and feel exactly like driving a car.

Fourth You smell like a rotten eggsee, smell or visible smoke from the tail pipe or from under the hood?

Make sure that the exact location and wording of light, the next is noteworthy, because Murphy's Law says that the light suddenly stopped when you took the workshop.

In some cars, "engine" is the most serious red light, while others' use of the Check Engine Light ", which is a yellow light. If the mechanic thinks you see a yellow "Check Engine Light", and your caris a red "engine light danger, this could be a costly mistake for both. Why? A start would be a serious problem with heating and mechanical assuming you are a serious warning light illuminated with less. The mechanic then you can "green light" (no pun intended) to go with the children of the city with the road trip. Horror!

Start the machine and point the light to ensure good communication of the problem. Intermittent Dash warningLight can be a pain and difficult to diagnose! The diagnosis of the problem, in some cases must be light, while the mechanic takes the diagnostic test. If the light is on when you bring the car to the shop, you can waste your time and mechanics' s.

Side note: keep a "running condition and the light dash" car to help in the register, the number of root mechanical problem des Pins I have a client that keeps a log of exactly how their car "Their complaints can sometimes diagnose the problem correctly using the log and ride with my first test.

Can I make my diagnosis usually without opening the hood for his car. This saves me time and money you save on a free diagnostic. These customers can also keep me on my warranty, because they had this particular complaint written in his diary.

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